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this data has been collected in my own efforts so if you find any thing wrong in anyway plz correct me


Anonymous said...

dear asalah ,salamon alikom. I and my wife are both 73 years old and enjoy your song very much.
You are a very nice woman and we hereby congratulate to your very greate gentleman mr Director.
wish good health for you and your lovely children.
Please let us know you live in Egypt or somewhere else.
Best regards Mohammadreza Jamshidian- Aghdas Omidian(my wife). my email:

TahilSharma said...

Dearest Asalah,
Salam! My name is Tahil Sharma and I am from India, al-Hind, and I am 18 years old! YOu are BY FAR one of the BEST singers I've heard in a long time!! I would love to talk to you! :D

With best wishes!
Tahil is my e-mail address!

nahed sharif said...

الفنانه الرائعه أصاله أنا من أشد المعجبات بك وعندي سؤال أنا مؤلفه أغاني وأتمنى أن أتمكن من إطلاعك على شيئ منها فهل لي بهذا الشرف خاصه وأنني لطالما تمنيت أن أتمكن من إرسالها لك؟ كيف يمكن لي ذلك؟ تحياتي لك

Anonymous said...

Asala you are the worst singer I ever heard. you have nothing of your name. I wish no one hear your screaming sound which hurts the ear drum like nothing else.even when you talk you talk like an idiot. I don't know who convinced you to sing I think they let you sing because of your Dad who was the president Assad singer who treated your deflected foot which I wish he never did because you don,t deserve. I wish some one will break your other foot so you know the real god who you don't know and you never did. finally I hope you can understand what I wrote but I doubt it because you are so stupid as I heard about you. I wish you com back from your trip to US carrying your other foot on your shoulder.

with my worst wish for you

Anonymous said...

I'd like to found the lyrics of the song "Oula tssadak" in latin transcription and their translation in French (my motherlanguage) or English.
Can someone help me ?
Merci d'avance, Thanks beforehand & choukrane !